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For decades, classic television fans have enjoyed watching Andy, Barney, Floyd and Goober read The Mayberry Gazette.  Now, you can read it, too.

Today, The Mayberry Gazette is published inside a real barbershop in Loris, SC.  (Gawww-leee, it's real newspaper.)  You can pick up a free copy at area businesses in Horry County including Loris Barbershop and WLSC Tiger Radio or read it here at Mayberry (25061 bytes) (21561 bytes)


Shazam! Purchase an Original Mayberry Gazette From Your Favorite Television Program of All Time!! (13256 bytes)

COMING SOON Create Your Own Mayberry Gazette for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones or Just for Fun. small.jpg (14067 bytes)

Did you know The Mayberry Gazette is the offical publication of the popular Down at the Barbershop radio and TV show?  Visit for more information. (12724 bytes)

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